Sunday, March 1, 2009

Not in Kansas Anymore

This is the inaugural post of the BGJ blog!

I started blogging during our primary struggle with infertility. Since we now have a healthy seven week old little girl, I think it is time to move on to a blog that is not geared specifically to one aspect of my life. When we try for #2, I may go back to the old blog....until then this is where we roll.

My goal is to NOT make this blog a specific type of blog - like a family blog or a mommy blog or an infertility blog...this is a place where I can say what is going on in my life. It will include information about my little girl, my hubby, my job, and pretty much any part of my life....

So here we have the Blue Gingham Jumpers blog! A BGJ is what Dorothy wore in the Wizard of Oz. I have had a connection to Dorothy Gale and the Oz stories since I was a little girl. I sang 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' in a blue gingham jumper when I was seven. I was in the WOZ as a munchkin when I was six, a munchkin and a poppy when I was ten, the scarecrow and the student director when I was fourteen, and finally Dorothy in the Wiz in college....

Today is important. I have turned over a new leaf, or perhaps old leaf. I have begun excercising again. I have sworn off some of the bad things that I took back up. I am embarrassed that I was even doing them. I am going to try with all my heart to become someone that my daughter will be proud of....and someone that will be here for a long time to enjoy life with my Zerker (Daughter) and Nadie (hubby).

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