Monday, March 23, 2009

my song....

I think about blog posts that I don't end up writing.
Most of the time I use this as a place to keep track of what is going on around my life. I rarely write about my insecurities or things that don't paint things as sunny and bright.
And, that probably won't change too much...some of the things I could say I hardly want to admit to myself, let alone the world...and then if I said it I would wonder if that made it more true...

like marriage for is hard, but totally worth every day is not perfect and right now is a pretty stressful time, well with the economy, and job worries, and the new baby and all the day-to-day stuff....and most of the time nadie and i are great, but there are times when it gets rough...for both of us, and it doesn't mean we aren't great - it is just real- that is all...

and my insecurities...god i wish i would outgrow them...i usually outsmart them, or just let them pass...but they are hard....they make me a crank to deal with - some days walking on eggshells somedays easy going...i know it is probably normal...and i don't want to take some pill to become less emotional - although i know many people are helped greatly by taking medications - i just know that for me it isn't necessary right now...if i reached that stage I would consider it...well anyways that is not where i am...i am alright - just being me...:)

Everything I do
Surrounds these pieces of my life
That always change
Or hey, maybe I’ve changed

Sometimes being happy
Can be self-destructive
Even when you’re sane
Yeah you’re only insane

have a great week, y'all!

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