Friday, March 13, 2009

Go way! Aws Seeping!

Before I get started...I just need to say that I am so very glad that Nadie and I did whatever it took to have the Zerker. She amazes me every day. I can't believe I am so blessed.

Now back to your regularly schedule programming.

Working from home is going well. I find that usually it isn't the Zerker that distracts me, it is other things like, oh, Ellen at 11am and the internet. I am getting back into the swing of things. I think Zerker enjoys those days. She definitely prefers being able to nurse whenever.

Speaking of BFing, um, I don't know that I ever mentioned how it ended up. After seeing the Lactation consultant many times and trying reglan and fenugreek, and doing the whole nurse/supplement/pump thing, it just didn't seem to be working. I never got more than an ounce at a time in pumping. I am guessing the lil one wasn't ever getting full after the second week either. So these days I nurse really just to try and give her as much of the good stuff (antibodies, etc) to keep her from getting sick, but she is really bottle fed when it comes down to it. We still bond through nursing once in the morning and a few times at night. It is so sweet to see her big smile when she realizes we are going to nurse, especially after I pick her up from child care. She looks up like, 'I have been waiting for this all day!' I wish I could give her more so that she actually gets full, but I can't stress about it.

Nana and Papa were crazy about the video. Since they left for FL the week after she was born, they have had to live as grandparents vicariously through the internet. All of the Zerker's grandpeople are in FL. We are hoping to take a trip there soon. Nana and Papa will be back in May, but she will be so different by then. It makes me sad (and my mom too) that they are missing this cute time.

Zerker is doing so well at sleeping. She needs to eat either at midnight or 4am. It depends on the day as to which it is. Last night I fed her at 10pm and she didn't wake up until 5am. I know these things will change, but it is good right now. Also, she sleeps in her carseat, and I think that is going to have to change soon. We need to get her adjusted to her crib. I got a wedge pillow to keep her elevated, but it won't be nearly like her carseat. She always spits up all over the place when she is laying on her back. It doesn't seem to bother her, but I know she is much more comfortable elevated. Maybe we will also put a book under the edge of the crib.

Since Zerker has decided to start babbling up a storm, we felt it only necessary to record these things for posterity..So, last weekend we bought a new camcorder. I was going to pick up a flip mino, but we decided to get one of these instead. It is super easy to use. I can copy the videos over to youtube in a snap and the video is stored on an SD card so it is expandable. I bought an 8Gig one for now. Hence you will be seeing little vids on here every now and then.

Two of the sweetest things this week...
1. yesterday she woke up with a dirty diaper at 4am. I changed her and fed her a bottle. SHe went back to sleep. Around 730am I brought her into the bed with us fora bit. She was zonked out. When she is like taht she seems most like a baby doll. She stretches her arms and makes this face like her cheeks are pouting and her lips are stretching too. All I could think was that she wanted to say 'Go way! Aws Seeping!' just like the LOLcats. too. cute.

2. This morning when I put her back to sleep after a 5am bottle she was actually making her car seat rock...she was rocking herself to sleep. SHe has this thing where she takes her blanket and kneads it in her hand. She pulls the blanket up to her head. Now she is finding her feet and I think that is why she was getting the seat to rock....kneading with her toes....the lil rockstar....:) lol

Tomorrow night my sister is going to watch the Zerker while Nadie and I go out to celebrate St. Pattys day. We are spending the night at my sister's house in B-town. I am so excited. I haven't been out on the town in over a year. I am going to have a half-yard of Smithwicks I think. Woot woot!

PS Why does the lullabye station think babies are into Kenny G?

This is for Nana....

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Excellent Attitude about the BFing/feeding! Serious Way to go!

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