Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Welcome Delainey Marie

Delainey Marie was born at 1am on April 14, 2009. She was at 26 weeks one day gestational age. They were able to get two steroid injections to help her lungs to develop before delivery.

She is tiny at 1lb 12 ozs. She is already off of the respirator, but still on the CPAP. She is breathing room air.

We present to you - the Zerker's first BFF, the God Daughter of Nadie and I....

Delainey Marie....

Keep the prayers coming.

We have been waiting for this little girl, so anxious for the Zerker to meet her. We hope they become bestest of friends. They announced their pregnancy on Christmas eve and Nadie kept going on and on about how it better be a girl! Zerker's BFF is what we have called her since we found out she was a girl.

Being part of the ALI community helped prepare me for what to expect in this situation, but I know that my brother and SIL have a long road ahead of them. They are being very strong and I am proud of them. July seems like eons from now - but that is when we should expect to even think about bringing her home. Every day is precious....

We love you, Delainey! We can't wait to play with you!


Shane & Erika said...

What a beautiful and strong little foot! You guys are all in my prayers.

WiseGuy said...

Dear Delainey Marie, Love you and God bless!

Prayers with the family....DM will do good!