Monday, April 27, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday - Cataract Falls

Lori says that Perfect Moment Monday is not about creating moments, but noticing them.

Sometimes, though, I can feel these moments being created...not intentionally...or even by me...I did not make the sun shine this weekend...I only saw that it was coming and took advantage of the situation...

So this weekend Nadie and I took the Zerker to Cataract Falls. I love going here because it is simple beauty. It is not part of a large park, and there are only a few things to do there. There is just enough to fill a Saturday afternoon.....

We ate a picnic lunch.

Looked at the big waterfall.

Looked at the Covered Bridge.

Drove down to the lower falls and walked the trail in a loop twice in our new Jogging stroller (I am totally stoked that I got this stroller for $45 at a garage sale).

There were so many beautiful things to look at.

And by that time we were all pooped and ready to go home.

And it was good.

It was an afternoon of perfect moments. Even the time when the Zerker was crying on the way to the car before the walk because she wanted a bottle and had a dirty diaper. Her cries are getting so character-like. You would think she was experiencing a major life crisis whenever she decides that she desperately needs a bottle or changed right this instant....My 'oh no! mommy must fix it!' feelings are turning into holding back laughter because she seems so dramatic. Not that I want to hear it for long periods of time...but that doesn't happen too often.


Lori said...

That looks like a wonderful place to allow perfect moments to happen!

Great pix, Beebles.

Fertilized said...

What an awesome picture!

PerfectMomentProject said...

beautiful. recognizing the Perfect Moments is great. but if you can actually create them or turn a kind of blah day around to be more "perfect"... then you are in great shape. nice photo..