Thursday, April 9, 2009

Quarterly Review - Updated

Age: 3 Months

Physical Output:
Smiles all the time
Progressed from batting at toys to grabbing and pulling
Will hold toys while seated
Can almost sit up by herself, needs little support
Loves to stand with support
'Allegedly' rolled over - unconfirmed by momma or daddy :) - confirmed by momma and daddy on Friday!

Verbal Output:
began with 'uuuuuuuh'
progressed to long and loud oohs and ahs
will sing with momma
now has character like squeals of delight

Sleep Progression:
began at 1 - 2 hours between feedings
now will sleep up to 10 hours in the evening

Edible Input:
eats 4 - 6 ozs at a time...usually 4, but has eaten 6 when exceptionally hungry

Diaper Size: 1

Length: over 23.5 inches
Weight: probably about 12.5 lbs(I was way off on the 15 pounds!) - true amount unknown until 4 month dr visit
Net Operating Income: incalcuable

1 comment:

Fertilized said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly they learn. And completely change your life forever.

Congrats Zerker