Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Zerker Quarterly Review Q2 - 6 Months

This is a little late - but I think it is pretty normal for a quarterly review to take some time to prepare....
Zerker was born on 01/09...

Age: 6 Months

Physical Output:
Still smiles all the time - but only if her belly is full :)
Sits up all by herself
Rolls over front to back and back to front
Picks out her toys purposefully
Especially enjoys Flutter her butterfly and Jangles the Giraffe
Loves to stand with support

Verbal Output:
but now is a crazy giggler when tickled
even laughs at Mommy when Mommy dances in the store or makes funny faces
babbles on and on
we think she is ready to say Ohma and Ahda (momma and daddy)

Notable Events:
her bff DeLaney was born
Went to Cubs game in Chicago
Had her first ear infection
first round of antibiotics
first projectile vomitting
first flu
went to daycare
flew on an airplane
went to Florida
played on the beach
swam in a pool
was in the newspaper

Sleep Progression:
Still wants one bottle a night - ugh
Just moved to her crib - but slept in the bassinet most nights before
Prefers sleeping on her side

Edible Input:
eats 4 - 6 ozs at a time - but just at 6 mos is wanting 6 oz all the time
has solid food for dinner - likes peas, carrots, sweet potatos, not as fond of bananas or sweeter foods

Diaper Size: 2

Length: will find out this friday at the docs
Weight: around 16 lbs
# Teeth - Two!!!!!!!!!!!

We are so blessed to have her, it is so wonderful to watch her grow....

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