Monday, July 20, 2009

Perfect Moment Monday - Sleep and Green Tomatoes

I haven't done this in a and life with an infant and husband have swallowed me up! But here goes....

Perfect Moment Monday isn't about creating perfect moments, but about noticing them. Head over to Weebles Wobble to see more perfect moments.

Saturday morning I had fed the zerker at 3am and 6am. By 7am I pulled her into our bed. She always falls right back to sleep if she is touching some part of me. So we went back to sleep and the next I knew it was 9am.

The Zerker and Nadie were still peacefully snoozing, so I crept downstairs, let the dogs out, fed the cats, made some coffee and fixed up my first batch of fried green tomatoes of the season....yum!

(This is a picture I found - not one I took - they weren't THAT pretty - but I forgot to take a picture and they were soooooo good!)

Of course, I got the oil a little too hot and smoked out the house - but it was a really cool day so I could air it out pretty quickly...and by the time I got done making them, Nadie was trotting downstairs with the Zerker.

It was perfect.


Lavender Luz said...

Know what would be even MORE perfect? If I could reach through the 'pooter and grab one of your yummy FGTs.

So nice to share this PM Monday with you, Beebles.

Kristin said...


Fertilized said...


Parenthood For Me said...

I love FGT. That gave me an idea to make some.

Deb said...

Those look sooo yummy. I have never had fried green tomatoes.

I just read this because your feed isn't showing up in my reader. Guess I will have to check in more often.