Wednesday, July 1, 2009

mental note

I was thinking a lot about interactions that I have with certain people.

Typically these people are older than me. They are amazing and intelligent people. Yet, I am always getting the feeling that they need you to practically fawn over them for them to share their knowledge.

It is like I don't deserve their input unless I worship them first.

Can't we both just be adults? Can you accept that I appreciate your experience and wisdom (I wouldn't be asking you for input if I didn't) without all that extra fluff? And, please don't be rude to me if I choose not to do the worship thing!

I have enough on my hands maintaining my own weak self-esteem, I don't really have to bolster yours too, do I?

I hope in 20 years I am more adjusted than you are now. (Actually I think I just might already be...)

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