Wednesday, August 12, 2009

we can do anything

I think because I am the youngest of nine children I have always felt like the young one. From birth to now I had been in situations where I was the younger person around. Even after I graduated from school I lived in a convent where most of the nuns were over the age of 60. And then I moved in with my sister Barbie, of course I was the baby again. And at work for a long time I was one of the younger workers.

Then Nadie and I tied the knot. And, we bought a house, and all that adult stuff.

And, at work there are younger ones filtering in. It is interesting to be in the process of becoming one of the older ones.

And I don't think I ever felt older than when Zoe was born. I don't mean physically. I am still young and able and fit. I just mean these new roles - this new person - this whole darn thing called life - sometimes it just takes your breath away. It is scary and exciting and sad and fun all at once.

A co-worker has said a few times that I seem like I have finally found peace and security in myself. I don't know if that is true - but I am content.

It is hard not to be completely in awe of the life that grows and changes every day. I suppose it is my life as well as Ms. Zerker. It is Nadie's life too. We three are growing and changing every day. We can do anything if we want to....

We are growing and changing every day too....
this is my favorite song right now - and it is Nadie's new ring tone...

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