Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Random Tidbits

  • I have yet to mention (over three months ago) I got an iPhone for Mothers Day. It very quickly became a part of me. I dropped my work blackberry like last weeks girlfriend. So anyways - the coolest part? Nadie bought it the day before mothers day. OK, Mr. McCrastinater...but yet....they came out with a new model around a month later. And LOW AND BEHOLD they allowed anyone who bought the 3G from May 9th on to upgrade for a $20 fee. So yeah...I got the 3GS - it is most excellent. Videos on the fly uploaded to Youtube - not getting shafted by the big fruit company with a newer model right after purchase...oh the delight! And now I really have gotten rid of my work cell and my work is gonna chip in on the bill. Oh the glory!

  • We have been talking about getting rid of cable tv for a long time. We finally did it. We are now watching TV via a digital antenna. We only have one. It is actually kind of nice. There was one day when the clouds were interferring, but for the most part it is very hard to tell any difference. And it is FREE! Woo hoo!I have watched a few shows on hulu. We did NOT get rid of the broadband. We are thinking of switching to a DSL provider. We haven't figured out what we need to do to get our projector up and running on HD from the airways without a cable box, something we must do before the NFL season starts. And we will miss Monday Night Football, the swammie on ESPN. I will also miss Top Chef, Project Runway and various other cable shows. In the long run, though, I am so glad. I am tired of always having the media guide me on how to live my life. At least with the internet I am able to choose my own adventure more freely. I guess. Anyways we got rid of cable

  • Zoe is growing so big. OMG - she is getting so big. So long. So strong. So blessed.

  • Work is going ok. I have impossible deadlines, but on the other hand I help determine what is 'ready' so if the date comes too soon, whatever is complete is complete. My boss has said a few times, 'Are you stressed?' Personally...I find it a bit more stressful just being all the roles I am to be, than just this one aspect. I have resigned to a Zen feeling about it, and I know there is no reason to be freaked out. I will have the project at the best point that I can get it to and the rest is out of my control. Sometimes I think the business world thinks it controls much more of what actually happens than it does. What I mean by that is that you can make a project plan and assign hours and priorities and goals, but there is always the unforeseen, and then again there are the ridiculous goals that would never have been met in the first place...God made the world in seven days - but it takes more than three months to build a new, way cool, totally awesome product....oh but we try! and how cool it is to build new, way cool, totally awesome products...

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